Venture Studio Blueprint

Building The Ultimate Startup Factory

Discover a new era of entrepreneurship with “Venture Studio Blueprint: Building the Ultimate Startup Factory.” As a definitive venture studio startup book, it is an essential addition to your repertoire of business and money books. This detailed guide illuminates the exciting world of Venture Studios, demonstrating how they are ushering in a new era of business startups.


Whether you’re on the brink of launching a hundred-dollar startup or envisioning a disruptive industry leader, this book is invaluable. It lays out a step-by-step blueprint for launching and managing a Venture Studio, going beyond the norm to deliver a potent blend of practical advice and pioneering strategies.


The book will guide you as you transform your entrepreneurial vision into a dynamic, thriving Venture Studio. Begin this exhilarating journey today and seize the opportunity to redefine the contours of startup success.


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Small Businesses

Hackers Are Coming For You Next

Cybercriminals have small businesses squarely in their crosshairs. Over 40% of cyberattacks now target small and medium-sized companies, a number that is growing exponentially annually. Yet most SMBs lack large enterprises’ security expertise and budgets, even though they contain valuable data prized by hackers. Without adequate protection, that data is frighteningly exposed.


In “Small Businesses Beware: Hackers Are Coming For You Next,” Amaete Umanah delivers an urgent wake-up call tailored specifically for SMBs operating with limited resources. Amaete provides a blueprint to protect your business without breaking the bank, from cost-effective technical controls to training staff in cyber-savvy practices.


The threats are rising exponentially. But even without dedicated IT security personnel, you can execute core protections following Smith’s practical guidance. Take action when disaster strikes. With focused effort, your small business can manage cyber risks, avoid crippling outages, and confidently thrive in our increasingly digital economy.


You are on the target list. But resilience is possible. Learn how in “Small Businesses Beware: Hackers Are Coming For You Next” and safeguard your company’s future starting today!

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Embark on Your Venture Studio Journey and 

Transform Your Entrepreneurial Vision.


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Amaete Umanah

Author | Agile Growth Entrepreneur | Fund Manager | 3x Founder | Startup Advisor | Scaled Agile (SSM) | Farmer | Beekeeper | Esports Enthusiast | Aspiring Space Scientist

I am the founder and Managing Partner of Amaete Venture Studios. We Found, Fund, Build, and Scale Sustainable Startups in the United States and Africa. 

Everything we do at Amaete Venture Studios is to inspire and build global companies with under-networked Pan-African founders by turning Africa’s problems into global solutions and challenging the status quo to change the African narrative. 


We imagine an Africa where founders in our studio look to defy the gravitational pull of a lack of resources to attain their goals and help others along the way.


I am also the founder of Amaete Engineering Garage (AEG). AEG is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is tackling two major tech problems: the shortage of technical applications and tech talent, and a lack of racial diversity in the tech community.

The author really unpacks a lot of useful information and in a very easy to digest vocabulary. Grab a copy and a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy every word on some invaluable lessons. Come back and thank me later.

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